I offer personalised, in-house consultations within the comfort of your own home as well as in a public setting such as a quiet coffee shop, public library or park. Three reasons why I do this:

1. My clients feel more relaxed and open to talk about their issues while in the comfort of their own homes.

2. I like to save my clients the time, trouble and energy of having to travel to visit me at my place of practice.

3. I am able to charge my clients a much lesser fee as I won't have to pay overheads for a place of practice.



 Initial phone call/email - Free

1 hour Consultation* - $80

1/2 hour Consultation* - $60

Phone consultation are available too.

*Consultation fee includes the cost of one treatment bottle.  I mail customised treatment bottles to locations outside of Toronto. Cost of packaging and shipping are extra. 

I also do consultations via WHATSAPP and other convenient online media.

TESTIMONIAL 1 - Sintja, Toronto


 "For a long time, I was held back by emotional blockages. Christian sat with me at my home and created a list of remedies for me.  I took the remedies every day as guided. So far my feelings of jealousy have drastically decreased, and I am able to think much more clearly about my future. I am less overwhelmed by sadness and it doesn't affect my life as before. The drastic changes in my personality and the way I deal with things have just changed out of the blue in such a short period of time!" 

TESTIMONIAL 2 - Sid, Vancouver


"I met and consulted with Christian in a public place. He explained all about the Bach Flower remedies and how they worked. He even mentioned how he himself was once depressed, anxious, had panic attacks and low self-esteem, and how the remedies healed him and made him happier and healthier. After listening to him, I decided to give the Bach Flower Remedies a shot. I can hoenstly say that I am feeling much better and that the remedies have helped my emotions and moods."