10 Essential Yoga Poses

Yoga comprises thousands of poses. 84 are favored by the yogis, 32 are considered important and 10 are actually essential for mental, emotional and physical well-being, stress relief and longevity. These 10 poses have transformed me in amazing ways and they can definitely transform you as well! Coming soon on!


How to be Happy, Confident, Fearless & more... using the Bach Flower Remedies!


This is the true story of how I lost the love of my life in dental school, suffered from sadness, anxiety, panic attacks, apathy and low self-esteem as a result and then used the Bach Flower Remedies to naturally heal and transform myself at a mental, emotional, energetic & physical level. Read this book. Expect a miracle... & may you never be the same! Coming soon on!


Story of SPIRIT

Do you know who you really are? Out here in the west, we are taught that we are homo sapiens, beings evolved from monkeys. The answer couldn't be father from the truth. It is a fascinatingly eye-opening one, will utterly change your belief about your origins and it comes from the motherland of spirituality - India.


Chakras & the Sari

Why is public nudity accepted in the west but considered taboo in the east? Are there any health benefits to public nudity? And why does the Indian sari expose the belly?


Mudras & Eating

Why do people in the west eat off plates using spoons, forks & knives while seated on tables, while some cultures in the east eat off banana leaves using their fingers while seated on the floor in the lotus posture? And are there any benefits to the latter method of eating?

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Ayurveda & Self-Care

Why does western society use and consume man-made, unnatural self-care products as opposed to eastern society, which traditionally uses natural and holistic ones? How harmful are the chemicals used in toothpastes, soaps and shampoos to your health? And why are over 30% of the people in the west constipated and what can be done to remedy the problem?

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Spirituality & Marriage

Why do people in the west date before marriage while people in the east have arranged marriages? Why is divorce so high in western countries while it is rare in eastern countries? And why is divorce such a shame and stigma in the east but not in the west?