Additional Information

I lost the love of my life while in dental school and suffered from sadness, anxiety, panic attacks, apathy, low self-esteem and a loss of emotional control & vitality as a result. Finding no help in conventional medicine, I used the Bach Flower Remedies and was healed and transformed at a mental, emotional, energetic and physical level. Amazed at the efficacy of the remedies, I quit dentistry upon graduation from dental school and became a Bach Flower Therapist, writer and comic-book artist (I have always been a Clematis remedy type and ignoring my creative side would've been a sin). I have practised Bach Flower Therapy in India, Kuwait and Canada.

I am the author of 'How to be Happy, Confident, Fearless & more... using the Bach Remedies!', '10 Best Yoga Poses' & 'How to find your Life Purpose'. I also publish short novels and spiritual / cultural comic-books under the pseudonym 'Kris  Kamana'.

The above picture is of me with two women clients who benefited from using the Bach Flower Remedies and wanted to thank me by taking me out to an Irish pub on St. Patrick's Day.